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Our Story

Baby Boy Bakery is an ever growing space dedicated to my son Ryan Cruz. My name is Jacqui and I started my blog Baby Boy Bakery when my son was just a few months old to capture all our life’s moments; the good, the bad, the mundane and our favorite, the delicious. Our blog centered around recipes that I created with my son and stories of my motherhood journey.

My husband Dan and I lost our three year old son in May of 2014. Since losing Ryan, Baby Boy Bakery has become a space where many come to learn about our story and how we dedicate everyday to our son. Now, Baby Boy Bakery strives to be a destination were people can come for delicious kid-friendly recipes and inspiration to live a loud and wild life no matter the ugly we are faced with. Ryan was such a bright and loving light. You can see it stream through his smile. Now that he is physically gone I want to continue his legacy as best I can through this beautiful online space we created together when he was just a baby.

Our first about

My First About Me

My name is Jacqui and I love everything sweet. I write recipes that celebrate sugar and my life's sweetest moments. I post them here to help inspire you and others to create delicious treats for your own family and friends. // When I'm not dreaming up new sweet concoctions...I'm running full speed with my toddler. You can keep up with our daily routine here as well. He keeps my life balanced and chaotic all at the same time. We love adventures and I use this blog to document our fun times, found treasures and serious mishaps. All in all we keep it real, and if you leave here with just a smile we have done our job right!